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Special scholarships include:

  1. Scholarships for needy (poor) Sudanese living abroad.
  2. Short scholarships for studying Arabic language for non-native speakers.
  3. Scholarships for students coming from countries that have agreements with the University. Opportunities should not be more than 2%.
  4. Scholarships for national service and State societies and communities.
  5. Intellectual property care scholarship.
  6. Competencies’ and talents’  Scholarship

I: Scholarships for needy (poor) Sudanese living abroad.

Al Neelain University offers 5 annual scholarships for needy Sudanese living abroad to study at undergraduate level.

Conditions of award:

  1. Applicant should meet the admission requirements of the program to which he/she wishes to be enrolled, in various university disciplines.
  2. Submission of all required documents.
  3. Death certificate in case of father’s passing away; and a copy of divorce document in case of divorce.
  4. Guardian's income certificate or unemployment certificate.

.Means of Application:

  1. Personal application by filling in the application form manually; or online on the University web site (Scholarships’ tab).
  2. Applications can be made through Sudan Embassies and Consular offices in respective countries.