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The University offers a partial or full scholarship for graduate studies within the University for academically talented students during their undergraduate studies. This scholarship includes the master and doctorate degrees and is on competition bases and should not exceed 5% of the total number of the registered students in the program, in case of study by courses or research. The number of scholarships will be additional to the number of students planned for by the Graduate College. Exemption from tuition fees will be 100% for the top students of their classes and 50% for the second top students.

Conditions of winning an academic distinction scholarship:

  1. Applicant should meet the eligibility standards of the program to which he/she wishes to be enrolled, in accordance with admission requirements.
  2. Applicant should have obtained his/her B. Sc. Degree from the University.
  3. Applicant should have maintained an outstanding academic performance during all the years of study at the University
  4. Applicant should have a minimum cumulative average of 3.70 points or 80%.
  5. Applicant should not have been awarded another scholarship from the University.
  6. Study should be in a specific discipline.
  7. Full time study.

Means of Application:

  1. Personal application by filling in the application form manually; or online on the University web site (Scholarships’ tab).
  2. Nomination from their faculties or units.