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The University offers the opportunity to upgrade to the Bachelor Degree to academically distinguished students (top of the batch with Grade: Excellent) for each technical diploma programme in the University. Scholarship includes exemption from tuition fees only.

Conditions of winning an academic excellence scholarship for technical diploma students:

  1. Applicant should meet the required criteria for upgrading in accordance with admission requirements.
  2. Applicant should have obtained his/her Diploma from the University.
  3. Applicant should have maintained an outstanding academic performance during all the years of study at the University.
  4. Applicant should be the top of the batch with Grade: Excellent.
  5. Study should be in a specific discipline.
  6. Full time study.

Means of Application:

  1. Personal application by filling in the application form manually; or online on the University web site (Scholarships’ tab).
  2. Nomination from their faculties or units.