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Al-Neelain University has different faculties consist of many sections and departments, which award undergraduates and postgraduates degrees. The Scholarships’ program of Al-Neelain University represents an important window to reduce the shortage of educational opportunities on one hand, and to permit students who are unable to afford the cost of studying to take advantage of this opportunity, on the other hand.

  • Full Scholarship: a scholarship that covers tuition and living expenses and health insurance and travel during the study period.
  • Partial Scholarship: a financial aid of which the students benefit to exempt portion of the tuition fees. It covers tuition fees only and does not include living cost.
  • Internal Scholarship: offered by the University to students residing in Sudan. It includes exemption from tuition fees only.
  • Scholarship abroad: awarded by the University to study abroad to creative and innovative students in the fields of applied science and humanities, to develop their ideas and inventions. It includes tuition fees, housing allowance and tickets.
  • Graduate Scholarship: intended for students who have distinguished themselves during undergraduate studies by their academic excellence. The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage researchers in different disciplines of applied sciences and humanities, to effectively contribute to the community development.
  • Competitiveness-based Scholarship: offered to students on the basis of high academic records; selection criteria is based on the student CGPA (GPA) if being a student at Al-Neelain University, or on the student grade obtained at the Sudanese Certificate if being a new student.
  • Non Competitiveness-based Scholarship: obtained upon completion of required documents in accordance with specific requirements of regulations.
  • Social Scholarship: intended for children of martyrs, orphans, the bearers of Holly Quran, blind and disabled people in different categories, missing persons and special social cases.
  • Special Scholarship: need-based grants intended for: those suffer financial hardship preventing them from completing their university education in Sudan; poor Sudanese living abroad; foreign students; and competencies and talents.
  • Foreign Students Scholarship: offered by the University for foreign students to study at the University under the University sponsorship. The sponsorship includes university housing, tickets and exemption from tuition fees.
  • Short-term Scholarship: It includes short-term training courses and programs.
  • Intellectual property  Scholarship: offered by the University to sponsor creativity and invention activities in the fields of humanities and applied research.
  • Competencies and Talents Scholarship: offered by the University to sponsor cultural, sporting and social activities and entrepreneurship. It is intended for students and talents.

The Scholarships’ program aims at achieving the following:

  1. Striving to assist students to obtain an academic scientific qualification for a more effective performance in their communities in different disciplines covering the needs of the labour market.
  2. Attracting outstanding and academically distinguished students and sponsoring young researchers to enrich the scientific research for community service.
  3. Increasing the cultural awareness and establishing closer links between the sisterly and friendly countries.
  4. Supporting social scholarships and needy qualified students and employees of the University.
  5. Contributing to teaching of Arabic language for non-Arabic speakers.


  1. Fill in the application form manually or online on the University website (Scholarships’ tab).
  2. For some scholarship, candidates will be nominated by their faculties, units, and different administrations.